New 21,100 sq. ft. mixed-use construction project with memorial for firefighters Mesh and Leggio
new construction by MKI Construction of 21,110 square foot mixed-use building
New 21,100 sq. ft. mixed-use construction project with memorial for firefighters Mesh and Leggio
new construction by MKI Construction of 21,110 square foot mixed-use building

Kansas City is getting a new construction project built by MKI Construction!

The 21,100 sq. ft. mixed-use development will have a special memorial for two firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty. This project has been full of ups and downs, but it’s finally coming to fruition. We’ll take you through the entire journey of this construction project, from start to finish.

"This project has been a labor of love for our construction company. We're so proud to be able to commemorate the lives of two brave firefighters with this memorial. We hope that this project will be a source of healing for the Kansas City community."

Musa Krubally, President of Operations

Metal studs are being used to frame the new commercial and residential buildings. For commercial projects, the main reason we use metal studs is that metal is fireproof. Since this project is both commercial and residential, we used metal studs throughout.

Metal studs do not create a completely non-flammable environment, but they do reduce the number of flammable materials.

Although fireproofing is a primary benefit, it’s not the only reason to use metal studs in commercial construction. Here are more benefits of using metal studs:


It is metal studs’ ability to stay both straight and sturdy that makes them ideal for construction projects. Metal studs don’t warp or experience any wear and tear over time – they’re also not affected by moisture or humidity. Having a dependable structure is key.


Compared to wood, steel studs are lighter in weight, so easier to carry and store because they are hollow on the inside.


As previously mentioned, metal studs are impervious to fire as well termites and ants.


The price of metal studs can be similar to wood. However, the price of wood is prone to fluctuation, where as the price of metal is fairly stable.


Steels studs are available in customs sizes, so there is about 2% waste versus around 20% with wood. Also, the metal scrap material is recyclable.


Generally speaking, metal studs are easier to work with and handle; especially since they weigh less than wood. Metal studs are attached with screws, so they can be taken apart, changed or moved if need be. Metal studs also come with holes for electrical wiring; making the electrical aspect of a project easier.


Cutting metal studs is much cleaner than cutting wood, and anyone who has done the latter knows just how messy wood dust can be.

As you can see, there are several advantages to metal stud framing, which have made it popular in commercial building. We evaluate the criteria and choose materials that we believe are appropriate for the task for every commercial or residential project.

Installing the outside of the building with...

It will have both commercial and residential spaces once it’s completed. The lower level, spanning 10,887 square feet, will be home to seven businesses; one of which is a restaurant situated on the west end of the structure.

There will be two ways to access the retail spaces: from the south side of the building via the sidewalk, or from the parking lot on the north side. An 1,800 square-foot dining patio will also be built on the outside northern portion of the restaurant.

The second floor will feature 15 one-bedroom apartments measuring around 538 square feet each, and the building design meets both Kansas City zoning rules and Independence Corridor Overlay guidelines.

Pendleton Heights President, Whitney Barnardo said the new site plans incorporate all the desired criteria that previous developers were not able to deliver

“Our main boxes we wanted checked were multi-story, mixed-use, and the memorial to be carved out and thought of for the firefighters. We wanted better transparency along Prospect and Independence, so there is better engagement with pedestrians. We were also concerned about one iteration of the previous design had a water detention pond that abuts the other resident’s property. Those were the big things we were concerned about regarding quality of life, design, and interaction with the neighborhood, and they hit all of those marks.”

Whitney Barnardo, Pendleton Heights President

Finishing the roof of the 21,110 sq. ft. building use...

Musa Krubally
Musa Krubally

Musa Krubally is the President of Operations for MK International Construction. He founded the company in 2013 and has since formed a team of the leading experts in the field to not only build but to make their client's visions come to life. Musa and his team's attention to detail, insistence on quality, and going above and beyond for their clients has earned them a stellar reputation in the industry.


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